The Clinic at Pilates off the Square


Chyna Gordon


  • Are you finding it hard to stand or walk in high heels?
  • Are you missing out on dressing up?
  • Have you noticed you have poor posture when wearing high heels?
  • Do you have lower back pain when wearing high heels?
  • Do you get cramps in your calves in high heels?

Look no further. The Alexander Technique will teach you how to re-educate the way you walk in high heels by teaching you how to use yourself in a more effective manner. When beginning Alexander lessons your posture will improve giving you a taller and more attractive look. You will find that you become much lighter on your feet, allowing you to stand and walk in high heels for longer lengths of time. Overall you will develop more confidence to present yourself with poise, elegance and grace, whilst being relieved of lower back pain. So don't miss out on dressing up. Look and feel sexy again. You will be amazed, even after your first lesson.

Contact Information

Treatment Times

  • Friday 2-8pm

Session Fees

�75 per session (45 mins)