Teacher Training Course Details

The Bridging Course

The Bridging Course targets matwork teachers who have successfully completed a PILATESfoundation® UK matwork training and wish to train as a fully qualified studio teachers.

Criteria for Acceptance

Applicants must be certified matwork teachers who have studied Pilates matwork vocationally for a minimum of one year, hold a current First Aid certificate and have a sound knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. They should have completed a minimum of 25 sessions in a studio.

Final selection takes place on the basis of an interview and a studio class.
We have space for a maximum of 6 students per intake and a new course starts September 2012.

Duration of Training

A minimum of a year, but we recommend 17 months in order to complete the apprenticeship successfully. The course covers a minimum of 835 hours, which are required before taking the PILATESfoundation® UK Examination. This includes:

  • 100 hours lectures
  • 400 hours minimum supervised teaching practice
  • 35 hours studio classes.
  • 200 hours minimum self-practice and home study hours

Course Fees



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