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Pilates Off The Square

Pilates off the Square is a long established Pilates studio (opened in 1986) in the heart of London's West End. The owners and managers, Sian Williams and Dominique Jansen, have both been teaching for almost 20 years and have a wealth of experience. The studio also offers one of the leading Pilates teacher training programmes under the umbrella of the Pilates Foundation UK (PFUK). The vast majority of our teachers have been trained in-house and are certified members of the PFUK. The training ensures that each of our teachers is equipped to work with all levels of fitness and has the ability and experience to adapt the Method to remedial needs.

Every class at the studio is taught under close supervision and geared towards the individual client. We offer a choice of private one-to-one classes (60 minutes), studio classes (90 minute classes with up to six clients) or Early Bird and Lunchtime studio classes (60 minutes) for those with limited time.

Anyone can benefit from private classes, but they are particularly helpful for those suffering from chronic pain, recovering from injuries or requiring more focused attention.

Pilates Matwork is part of our studio repertoire, so there are no separate Matwork classes at Pilates off the Square.

In addition to The Pilates Method we also offer individual Gyrotonic tuition on the GXS Tower Pulley system.

Our aim is to stay close to the original Pilates repertoire and yet remain up to date with developments in the exercise and movement industry as well as current biomechanical research. We also work as a team in order to ensure our clients' continuous progress and development. Each individual is addressed at their own level and abilities and their program is consistently adapted accordingly.

Pilates off the Square has an excellent reputation with leading medical professionals and often works in conjunction with osteopaths, physiotherapists and doctors. The Studio facilities include a complimentary therapy clinic with established and highly experienced therapists offering a diverse range of treatments.