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Richard Snieg BSc LCM (dip) REM (dip)


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Clinical massage Therapy was designed as a tool to assist in the recovery process from injury or illness, as well as being used for reduction and ergonomic-based problems. Recommendations: Weekly for specific ailments or every fortnight or month for maintenance


Clinical Massage Therapy targets muscle imbalance and dysfunction; think of it as massage, but with a focus on remedial treatment. Specifically, it works on the areas where you need it the most. Clinical massage Therapy was developed by Richard Snieg, taking elements from many state-of-the-art-techniques. Although it is particularly effective for neck and back problems, it can be used successfully on all parts of the body and treats many conditions. Every treatment is tailored to the individual depending on the particular problem and only the most appropriate techniques are used. Richard works in clinical conditions taking referrals from top medical consultants in fields such as orthopaedics and neurology.

Contact Information

Treatment Times

  • Thursday 11am-8pm

Session Fees

£60 per session (60 mins)